Today, September 14th, protested! We joined and supported the protest of parents of children with disabilities, which began in the garden near the National Assembly building. Its route was determined by the municipality and would go before Parliament (behind the monument of Tsar Osvoboditel) and from there to the Council of Ministers and in particular the MLSP, where the parents would make a heap of plush children toys.

Traditionally, there were black balloons, many mothers and dads, and just as many wonderful children with and without disabilities, noise, sun. The main thing that presented, however, was the anger of parents, a deep insult to the extremely wrong and humiliating policies of the government and the social ministry, which this time tried to buy the protesters, promising them to pay for the children in families with a disabled child 930 BGN… .I personally did not understood yearly or monthly. Joking aside, the mothers were genuinely offended by the populist decision of politicians who most clearly did not want protests before the presidential election. The decision of some people with dark blue suits, bluish shirts and wine ties, who were on their way to work past the protesting mothers, riding in strollers, carrying their colorful children in their arms, and not even looking at them. They didn’t even ask what the crowd was for, they were so used to protests!

We were there, together with the moms, dads and their children, to push for the adoption of a new law on personal assistance that would regulate generally personal assistance for people with disabilities across the country. We strongly demand the abolition of the TEMC Disability Assessment System, as well as a cardinal and complete immediate reform of disability policies. It is precisely the wrong system of TEMC which is based on the latest decision of the government, which increases the money for children with disabilities.

Our requests are so simple and human – conditions for a normal, dignified and equal life for ourselves and our children. Mothers, like us at the Independent Living Center team, cannot understand what is so difficult to understand, namely the request for


Nothing more, nothing less than everyone else!