Kapka Panayotova left this world.

She left it quitely unexpectedly and untimely.

She left a huge gap in space – in our hearts, in our ranks, in public life, in the struggle for human rights, in our battles for a dignified and good life, for justice. And she loved life so much and valued it with all her being. To her, each person was a value worthy of respect and esteem.

A friend of the Center had said that Kapka was the tsunami drop in the ocean of injustice. Strong, firmly and steadfastly in the position of the independent living, Kapka will remain in our memories as the most uncompromising fighter for the good of Bulgarians with disabilities, for a better and happier life in Bulgaria.

The void left after her death will never be filled. We will always grieve for Kapka, we will always carry her in our hearts, we will always remember her deed!

Rest in peace, Kap!

Anyone who wishes can write their thoughts, last words and condolences in the form for comments!

  1. There aren’t that many people like Kapka around, people with a deep intuitive understanding of our issues, who follow their convictions unerringly, forcefully, and energetically. A strong and unafraid leader, she was the right person at the right place and time to introduce Independent Living to Bulgaria. But she also was a warm friend and great fun to have around. We will not forget you, Kapka!
    Adolf Ratzka, founding chair emeritus of ENIL and the Independent Living Institute

  2. Lisa Waddington

    I am so sorry to hear about Kapka’s sudden death. You always knew when Kapka was in the room. Kapka worked for equality, and in particular deinstitutionalisation, with every drop of energy she had – and she always exuded tremendous energy. She was a force of nature who made you sit up and take notice, and took every opportunity to push for the rights of persons with disabilities. She quite rightly pushed us all, because we are nowhere near where we must be. Kapka – you will be missed across Europe.
    Lisa Waddington, Professor of European Disability Law (supported by EDF) at Maastricht University and ANED.

  3. Though I am unknown to this personality personally yet, I am greatly saddened hearing her loss. Her contributions to disability rights movement through independent living will create a great history for all the upcoming disability rights activists across the world. May her departed soul rest in peace in heaven. And, I extend my heartfelt condolence to the all bereaved family members.
    Krishna Gahatraj – Young Disability Rights Activist from Nepal

  4. Gerard Quinn

    This is extraordinarily sad. Kapka was a tireless fighter for persons with disabilities and never stopped working hard to end institutionalisation across Europe and the world. Her moral forcefulness and clarity of expression was always a delight to behold. She always – always – spoke her mind. There are many heroes in the fight for disability & human rights and she was among the very best. We were blessed to have her among us. I miss you Kapka.
    Gerard Quinn, UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of `Persons with Disabilities.

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