“Road to no exit for children: group homes in Bulgaria”

The International Organization for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (DRI) has published a report entitled “Road to No Exit for Children: Bulgarian Group Homes”. It documents conditions and practices that are inhumane, degrading, and risky for children accommodated in Bulgarian group homes. The main finding of the study is that reforms in Bulgaria, supported by EU funds and other international sources “are replacing the system of large, outdated and falling apart orphanages with new, smaller buildings where services continue to function the old way as traditional institutions.”

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емблемата на ООН

Mr. Koralski, tell the truth!

Dear friends,

The twentieth session of the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities took place in Geneva on 3 and 4 September. At this session, the Bulgarian delegation was led by Mincho Koralski (Executive Director of the Agency for People with Disabilities), accompanied by about twenty representatives of almost all ministries and agencies related to the people with disabilities in Bulgaria. The purpose of the hearing was to provide answers to a number of questions raised by the Committee following the first Bulgarian report on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In response, the Bulgarian delegation misled the Committee saying that the state was implementing disability policies in accordance with the Convention. None of the reports reflected the real situation of Bulgarians with disabilities!

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празна инвалидна количка

The Opinion of CIL on the Personal Assistance Bill Drafted By the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria May Manolova

Personal assistance is “an instrument which enables a disabled person to lead an independent living (IL). Personal assistance (PA) is the direct and targeted financing of people with disabilities to pay the assistants for the work that a person needs because of a disability.

PA should be provided on the basis of an individual assessment of needs, depending on each person’s life situation and at prices appropriate to the cost of labor at the internal market. People with disabilities should have the right to hire and manage their assistants and to choose the employment model which best suits to their needs. Funds made available for PAs should cover the salaries of the assistants, their other costs arisen from their employment and legal relations, such as contributions for the employer, as well as the costs of providing the service itself, such as administrative and peer support for the beneficiary of personal assistance. “

( http://www.enil.eu/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Definitions-Bulgarian-1.docx ).

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Investments for Independent Living

A joint conference of the European Disability Forum, the European Network for Independent Living and the Center for Independent Living in Sofia “Investments Independent Living” was held on 8th of June in Sofia.

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What did we do for May 5th?

On the occasion of the European Day for Independent Living of People with Disabilities, this year we decided to take a virtual action – we invited our Facebook friends to put a picture of a black T-shirt labeled “The system kills them” on their profile picture. Our invitation was to all who agree that in Bulgaria social policy does not in any way improve the lives of people with disabilities, on the contrary – it leads them to think about euthanasia, to mothers dreaming to die after their children. 

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улица, вход пред сграда и чоек на инвалидна количка

Welcome to A-HUB!

 “A hub” – the first ever shared space in Bulgaria opened its doors. Its mission is to create a new way of thinking and action of the NGOs, social entrepreneurs and businesses for their social innovations.

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