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Всичко писано през годините!

хора в инвалидни колички по улиците на Осло в поход

“Proud, Strong, Visible”, or how the disabled people in Norway protest

Friday, the 13th of June 2014…

In the center of Oslo, right in front of the Norwegian Parliament, the next edition of the traditional annual Pride Drive takes place. Hundreds, but REALLY HUNDREDS!, people with disabilities from all over Norway come together under the slogan “Proud, Strong, Visible” to make a statement to the public, but also to make their claims to the state for respect for their fundamental human rights, for personal assistance and for equality as citizens.

And we know very well how we dreamily sigh about their way of life – they have so much more than the right things of which we can only dream here – personal assistance, civil rights, equality, accessibility and yet… hundreds go out on the streets every year to claim they are proud, visible and strong because they are together!

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деца в басейн

Our children are drawing water in a sieve

“We don’t want to be excellent at everything. Let the school give us the necessary knowledge! “

On 1st of November – the Day of the National Revival Leaders, students, parents, teachers and experts gathered together at 2nd  Thomas Jefferson High school to discuss whether the Bulgarian school is teaching children for life. We are not talking about a students with excellent marks. We are discussing the future of our children in a decade of hard work and a lot of stress at school.

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достойнство човешко


“The personal assistance – a guarantee for the right of people with permanent disabilities to live independent and dignified lives in the communities chosen by them.” So is entitled the analysis of the necessary financial resources for the implementation of the draft law on personal assistance. This is not a new type of social assistance, but rather a qualitatively different mechanism that will allow the disabled people to live independent living.

It turns out that if the main goals of the idea are preserved – the social inclusion of disabled people through empowerment and targeted funding based on individual needs assessment – the public resource needed to meet them will be one-tenth of that spent in 2009 year for institutional care (social homes, day care centers, etc.). However, the success of the endeavor depends on the political will to make unpopular legislative decisions, such as restricting the access of relatives to assistantships, introducing pre-service training for beneficiaries, providing personal assistance only to those who are willing to manage their lives and the support they need. Only under these conditions can the effect of money spent in the form of a higher quality of life, rather than a better quality of services, maintain the status quo of isolation and passivity.

Because the absence of Bulgarian experience, the hypotheses made for the purposes of this analysis are based on the documented experience – politically and historically – of the leading countries in this respect, such as Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and have been used to determine the number and the dynamics of users, the number of hours for personal assistance and the hourly rate for assistant-ships.

You can see the whole material here.

инвалидна количка с пеперудени криле

An Evaluation of Assistance’s services in Bulgaria

Since March 2009, the Center for Independent Living is working on the project “Campaign for Personal Assistance and Human Rights of People with Disabilities”. It is implemented in partnership with the Dignified Life Foundation – Burgas, the Association “You Choose” – Stara Zagora and Dignified Life Association  – Vidin. The Norwegian disability organization ULOBA is also a partner of the project.

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Настройки за поверителност
Ние използваме "бисквитки", за да подобрим Вашето преживяване, докато използвате нашия уебсайт. Ако използвате нашите Услуги чрез браузър, можете да ограничите, блокирате или премахнете бисквитките чрез настройките на Вашия уеб браузър. Ние също така използваме съдържание и скриптове от трети страни, които могат да използват технологии за проследяване. Можете избирателно да дадете своето съгласие по-долу, за да разрешите такива вграждания на трети страни. За пълна информация относно бисквитките, които използваме, данните, които събираме и как ги обработваме, моля, проверете нашите Политика за поверителност
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