Friday, the 13th of June 2014…

In the center of Oslo, right in front of the Norwegian Parliament, the next edition of the traditional annual Pride Drive takes place. Hundreds, but REALLY HUNDREDS!, people with disabilities from all over Norway come together under the slogan “Proud, Strong, Visible” to make a statement to the public, but also to make their claims to the state for respect for their fundamental human rights, for personal assistance and for equality as citizens.

And we know very well how we dreamily sigh about their way of life – they have so much more than the right things of which we can only dream here – personal assistance, civil rights, equality, accessibility and yet… hundreds go out on the streets every year to claim they are proud, visible and strong because they are together!

The event is a real great party:

The colorful crowd passes through the city center with whistles and scansions to reach the end point where a huge stage is built for performers – all of them famous Norwegian singers and artists, journalists and politicians. This year, two stalwarts rapped vigorously, Norwegian Elvis blew up the audience, who then fell silent from the dance of three beautiful young women … The whole program – including the songs – was translated into sign language.

An incredible experience in the company of countless people with various severe disabilities.

If they were in Bulgaria, most of them would be in the category of ” bedridden” and doomed, but in Norway they are active, creative and demanding to their rulers.

Writing all this, remembering the hot atmosphere of solidarity and determination created by the tones of human dignity, I think that the time has come when, instead of asking, “When the things here will become like in the white countries?” we will ask ourselves the question “When will we start proving ourselves this way? When will we begin to prove to our country that it can no longer continue this way?