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Всичко писано през годините!

птичка с патерица пре сграда на която пише "Институция", под тях надпис Деинституционализация?

The deinstitutionalization kills people!

Тhe Deinstitutionalization (DI) kills people! Yes, this is a fact, as the last week case of violence against children with disabilities at the Chrysanthema Family Center. In this regard, we bring to your attention the position of several non-governmental organizations and prominent human rights defenders. We hope that it is begging for further discussion about the process of deinstitutionalization in Bulgaria and the real problems will be solved and solutions will be found.

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хора в инвалидни колички по улиците на Осло в поход

“Proud, Strong, Visible”, or how the disabled people in Norway protest

Friday, the 13th of June 2014…

In the center of Oslo, right in front of the Norwegian Parliament, the next edition of the traditional annual Pride Drive takes place. Hundreds, but REALLY HUNDREDS!, people with disabilities from all over Norway come together under the slogan “Proud, Strong, Visible” to make a statement to the public, but also to make their claims to the state for respect for their fundamental human rights, for personal assistance and for equality as citizens.

And we know very well how we dreamily sigh about their way of life – they have so much more than the right things of which we can only dream here – personal assistance, civil rights, equality, accessibility and yet… hundreds go out on the streets every year to claim they are proud, visible and strong because they are together!

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Reinstitutionalising deinstitutionalisation

RI-ing DI[1]– this is how the process of deinstitutionalization (DI) in Bulgaria could be briefly described despite the token consensus around the need to take children and young adults (including those with physical and mental disabilities) out of the large institutions and to place them in foster care, protected dwellings, small group homes (SMG) and residential family-type settings.

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хора в клетка


After the emotional story of the young people from the sheltered home in Lukovit about the unforgettable day in Sofia, I want to share my thoughts. They are one of the restless who always come out with anxiety and questions. Why, for instance, did it happen that only half of those who came to the long-planned and thoughtful excursion came to Sofia? And is it so difficult to find transportation for everyone?

I do not believe in apologies such as “no opportunity”, “this is the situation”, “it is not happening”. Moreover, when this type of behavioral model, in turn, creates a way of thinking and perceiving the world as a hostile place where people like Petya, Eli, Maria and Toshko find it difficult to fit.

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пътят към смъртта

The road to Mogilino: the ideology of normality and the abandoned children of Bulgaria

In September 2007, the spirits were shaken by a documentary, when it aired on BBC 4. “Abandoned Children of Bulgaria” (directed by Kate Blewett) shows footage from the institution in Mogilino, that may have caused many people’s sleeplessness. We have seen such photos only from concentration camps – children who are literally “skin and bones”, left behind in their physical development due to malnutrition, poor conditions and lack of adequate medical care; who are closed in their world to survive; who are scolded by the staff as a flock; naked on the stairs, who have not felt the breeze outside and have not known what the play is; who have never gone to school; who die in profound misery and who are buried in somebody’s else grave.

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рисунка на деца с и без увреждане хванати за ръце

Innocenti insight: children and disability in transition in CEE/CIS and Baltic states

The Innocent Research Report launched jointly by the Centre for Independent Living and UNICEF-Bulgaria on May 31st 2006 focuses on the situation of children with disabilities in Central and Eastern Europe and CIS countries that are segregated in institutions and special educational facilities as well as suggest policy recommendations.

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Настройки за поверителност
Ние използваме "бисквитки", за да подобрим Вашето преживяване, докато използвате нашия уебсайт. Ако използвате нашите Услуги чрез браузър, можете да ограничите, блокирате или премахнете бисквитките чрез настройките на Вашия уеб браузър. Ние също така използваме съдържание и скриптове от трети страни, които могат да използват технологии за проследяване. Можете избирателно да дадете своето съгласие по-долу, за да разрешите такива вграждания на трети страни. За пълна информация относно бисквитките, които използваме, данните, които събираме и как ги обработваме, моля, проверете нашите Политика за поверителност
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