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Всичко писано през годините!

софя прес


On June 3, shortly after Children’s Day was celebrated, representatives of the Center for Independent Living celebrated Mimicry Day – caused by a social services illness that sentenced thousands of children and young people to an inability to live independently.

At a press conference in Sofia-press Kapka Panayotova, Mitko Nikolov and Nina Zhisheva from the Center for Independent Living presented a report “More from the same or Mimicry – a disease in social services in Bulgaria” – a comparative analysis of methodologies for providing different services in the community.

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паркирали много автобуси и коли пред националната галерия


Yesterday’s meetings lined with concrete the status quo for several human life spans ahead.

At the death of a French king, one of those present rushed to say the phrase ” Le roi est mort; vive le roi!”, to make it clear to everyone that the kingdom is eternal. That the Territorial Expert Medical Commissions (for short, TEMC) are eternal, although to date they have survived only in our country and in Russia.

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птичка с патерица пре сграда на която пише "Институция", под тях надпис Деинституционализация?

The deinstitutionalization kills people!

Тhe Deinstitutionalization (DI) kills people! Yes, this is a fact, as the last week case of violence against children with disabilities at the Chrysanthema Family Center. In this regard, we bring to your attention the position of several non-governmental organizations and prominent human rights defenders. We hope that it is begging for further discussion about the process of deinstitutionalization in Bulgaria and the real problems will be solved and solutions will be found.

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деца рисуват в клас

“Children’s Creativity and Tolerance”

On December 2, we together with children from schools from Sofia and Pernik painted at the 23rd “Frederick Joliot-Curie” Secondary School in Sofia. We called our meeting “Children’s Creativity and Tolerance”. The children painted a story we wrote. The fairy tale about the Green Elephant with the Red Trunk.

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писалка и лист хартия

The Convention – five years later

This month, on January 26, we mark the fifth anniversary since Bulgaria ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Convention is a basic human’s rights document that regulates the rights of persons with disabilities to an independent and dignified life, protection against discrimination, the right to education and accessible architecture, transport and information. In signing this Convention, each State undertakes to abide by it and to comply with it. This in turn means that after 2012 in Bulgaria all policies should comply with the requirements of the Convention. Is it really so?

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Technology of violence in public policies

Just two months ago, the Center organized a press conference to tell the public – through the media of course – that no deinstitutionalization was taking place in Bulgaria. The interest in the subject was then weak. A few days ago, the broadcast was blown up by another case of violence against a disabled child in Shumen. The Minister of Social Policy – Zornitsa Rusinova – though new, reacted in the old way, namely to protect the social workers and the institution, which for us as citizens and human rights defenders was extremely inadequate and inhumane.

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Настройки за поверителност
Ние използваме "бисквитки", за да подобрим Вашето преживяване, докато използвате нашия уебсайт. Ако използвате нашите Услуги чрез браузър, можете да ограничите, блокирате или премахнете бисквитките чрез настройките на Вашия уеб браузър. Ние също така използваме съдържание и скриптове от трети страни, които могат да използват технологии за проследяване. Можете избирателно да дадете своето съгласие по-долу, за да разрешите такива вграждания на трети страни. За пълна информация относно бисквитките, които използваме, данните, които събираме и как ги обработваме, моля, проверете нашите Политика за поверителност
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