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Минчо Коралски

Mincho Koralski: The model of disability policy must be changed!!!

The insights of Mincho Koralski – Executive Director of the Disability Agency – told by him on January 15th in BNT’s morning bloc are impressive with their delays, alarming with the lack of up-to-date knowledge of disability policies, as well as the many internal contradictions in the profundity of a senior government official with influence in political decision-making.

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Response from the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party Regarding the Draft of the Law On the PA

Hello friends! At the end of September we sent to all MPs in the 43rd National Assembly the draft of the Law on the personal assistance (developed more than five years ago by a group of people with disabilities and their organizations), with the idea to lobby for its rapid consideration by the  commissions and plenary. Until now we only had a call from the office of MEP, Mr. Slavi Binev, today we received the following response from the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party.

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логото на ЦНЖ

Annual General Assembly Meeting of CIL

On 03.11.2015 was held the annual General Assembly meeting of CIL. Kapka  Panayotova, as chairwoman of the association, presented the CIL’s  activities in 2014 and during the ten months of 2015. Was held discussion of the work plan for 2016 and also were elected seven new members of CIL, which previously were submitted an application for membership. The meeting ended with an informal coffee break. More about CIL’s projects can be found on our website under “About us – Annual Reports”

празна инвалидна количка

The error is true!

On the Social Assistance’s Agency website, we are reading: “A project for BGN 65 million will provide integrated social and health services”. The website further explains that “the Social Assistance’s Agency (SAA) is a specific beneficiary under the Direct Alternative Grant Procedure” New Alternatives” under Priority Axis 2 “Poverty Reduction and Promotion of Social Exclusion” of the Operational Program “Development of Human’s Resources 2014-2020”.

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хора в инвалидни колички по улиците на Осло в поход

“Proud, Strong, Visible”, or how the disabled people in Norway protest

Friday, the 13th of June 2014…

In the center of Oslo, right in front of the Norwegian Parliament, the next edition of the traditional annual Pride Drive takes place. Hundreds, but REALLY HUNDREDS!, people with disabilities from all over Norway come together under the slogan “Proud, Strong, Visible” to make a statement to the public, but also to make their claims to the state for respect for their fundamental human rights, for personal assistance and for equality as citizens.

And we know very well how we dreamily sigh about their way of life – they have so much more than the right things of which we can only dream here – personal assistance, civil rights, equality, accessibility and yet… hundreds go out on the streets every year to claim they are proud, visible and strong because they are together!

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човешка глава направена от железни стърготини


The government is proposing changes to the Disability Integration Act , but not to these which are needed by the people. This is called an imitation of activity – you are doing something to brag that you have done the job. The thing is seemingly safe – facilities for enterprising Bulgarians who want to be entered in the register of specialized enterprises. No matter that these businesses are inherently harmful to people with disabilities and costly to the state: people with disabilities have almost no employment in them, and tax breaks and subsidies benefit their government and nationally represented organizations. However, this is not commented on in the reasons for the bill; this is not investigated and analyzed because it is explosive. A strange reaction (or lack of such) on the part of people living on the edge of poverty – without income and without work.

The situation with the intention of Minister Hasan Ademov regarding pensions and benefits for people with disabilities turned out to be quite different – a sensible and ill-considered undertaking. The news in the press (an article in 24 hours) has blown up the social networks and drowned the minister in a storm of muddy comments.

You can find our position on these issues on our blog.

централен военен клуб


A meeting with Ms Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European Commission on Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship was held today at the Central Military Club. The meeting was announced as open to all citizens and promised to bring a ray of hope in the very complicated political situation in Bulgaria in recent days.

Of course, we, a group of people with disabilities – Kapka Panayotova, Diliana Deneva, Vanya Pandieva, Mariana Harizanova, Borislav Ivanov, Zivodar Zhishev and Nina Zhisheva, decided that the invitation was valid for us too and at the appointed hour, me, Kapka and Diliana, as most impatient, we stood before the Military Club. Even at the entrance it turned out that the inaccessibility was obvious – we were met by several black marble steps which brought us back to reality.

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The Down Syndrome… is caused by genetic damage, the presence of 3 chromosomes 21 instead of 2. This ridiculous anomaly, a mistake in the arithmetic of nature, is the reason in our otherwise ordered, in our minds, world to appear strange babies with Down Syndrome. Usually, they are branded as low-intelligent, ugly, lifeless, people who definitely need to be looked after… always. But this short film (yes, the movie is actually about thirty minutes long, but its value, wisdom and the warmth that comes from it leave us with a hint of regret at the end) shows us something else. When there is a complex set of tools to make up the deficit caused by a genetic mistake, when there is someone to believe in you, when you believe in yourself, things take on a different nuance. And if an adequate government policy emerges that supports you and gives you the chances, then the world is radically changed by a small, creepy person, with Mongoloid eyes and a big belly, the person becomes a worthy person to whom even the mirror tells “You’re soooo cool, enchantress! The world is yours as well!”

избори 2013


Lately, we have all felt the powerful vibrations that have been circulating around us since Election 2013. Active and aggressive agitation is underway, parties are fighting for our voice and our confidence. But! Yes, history is Bulgarian and as in every Bulgarian history, at least one BUT immediately appears. And now – but to what extent are elections accessible to people with disabilities and to what extent are they guaranteed their right and ability to vote.

In response to this question, we at the Independent Living Center, have endeavored to produce several documents that will be useful to both people with disabilities and all administrative bodies involved in drafting election rules and working on organizing and holding the 2013 elections themselves.

The materials can be found here, here and here

Настройки за поверителност
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