The Down Syndrome… is caused by genetic damage, the presence of 3 chromosomes 21 instead of 2. This ridiculous anomaly, a mistake in the arithmetic of nature, is the reason in our otherwise ordered, in our minds, world to appear strange babies with Down Syndrome. Usually, they are branded as low-intelligent, ugly, lifeless, people who definitely need to be looked after… always. But this short film (yes, the movie is actually about thirty minutes long, but its value, wisdom and the warmth that comes from it leave us with a hint of regret at the end) shows us something else. When there is a complex set of tools to make up the deficit caused by a genetic mistake, when there is someone to believe in you, when you believe in yourself, things take on a different nuance. And if an adequate government policy emerges that supports you and gives you the chances, then the world is radically changed by a small, creepy person, with Mongoloid eyes and a big belly, the person becomes a worthy person to whom even the mirror tells “You’re soooo cool, enchantress! The world is yours as well!”