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Poor populism, garneshed with incapacity leads to waste of state’s money and desperation for thousands of people with disabilities

This is how President Parvanov got involved with his intervention in the amendments to the Law on Integration of People with Disabilities. With a clear lack of competence in integration policies, the president was outraged by the introduction of an income measure for granting monthly support to people with disabilities.

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инвалидна количка с пеперудени криле

An Evaluation of Assistance’s services in Bulgaria

Since March 2009, the Center for Independent Living is working on the project “Campaign for Personal Assistance and Human Rights of People with Disabilities”. It is implemented in partnership with the Dignified Life Foundation – Burgas, the Association “You Choose” – Stara Zagora and Dignified Life Association  – Vidin. The Norwegian disability organization ULOBA is also a partner of the project.

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Don’t shoot the parents!!!

The following lines have been provoked by an interview, published on the Trud newspaper’s page on February 21st 2008, by a prosecutor from the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of Cassation – Emilia Peneva, who monitors cases of crimes against children.

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пътят към смъртта

The road to Mogilino: the ideology of normality and the abandoned children of Bulgaria

In September 2007, the spirits were shaken by a documentary, when it aired on BBC 4. “Abandoned Children of Bulgaria” (directed by Kate Blewett) shows footage from the institution in Mogilino, that may have caused many people’s sleeplessness. We have seen such photos only from concentration camps – children who are literally “skin and bones”, left behind in their physical development due to malnutrition, poor conditions and lack of adequate medical care; who are closed in their world to survive; who are scolded by the staff as a flock; naked on the stairs, who have not felt the breeze outside and have not known what the play is; who have never gone to school; who die in profound misery and who are buried in somebody’s else grave.

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достойнство човешко

The integration and the Law on the Integration of Persons with Disabilities

What changes do we need in the law on the integration of persons with disabilities?

Even at its adoption, it was clear that the Law on the Integration of Persons with Disabilities was rather an unsuccessful compromise between regulations for “integration”, as demanded by some human rights organizations and experts from the European Union, and “social service” mechanisms, which were urged by the government and supported by nationally represented organizations.

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Regarding the “meaningless” projects

“BGN 2.5 million for disabled people are sinking into the association” – this title you can read in “168 hours” newspaper. Аcross the page is getting to the bottom of the “huge amount”. Unproven suggestions are made for the worthless efforts, because second-hand clothes, flour and sugar or day-care are not offered. The article, as a whole, is not worthy of attention, if it was not making meaningless any activity that helps people to learn, to seek solutions to the problems themselves, to uphold their human rights, which are seriously violated by the state; the risk of any human rights project being identified as “meaningless”.

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The draft Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities was adopted by the AD HOC committee on friday 25 august 2006.

The Convention is a set of 40 articles, aiming at prohibiting discrimination against persons with disabilities in all areas of life. Although it doesn’t create new rights, it is a step toward the international recognition of the necessity to develop specific instruments for the full respect of Human Rights toward the estimated 650 million persons with disabilities in the world.

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