“BGN 2.5 million for disabled people are sinking into the association” – this title you can read in “168 hours” newspaper. Аcross the page is getting to the bottom of the “huge amount”. Unproven suggestions are made for the worthless efforts, because second-hand clothes, flour and sugar or day-care are not offered. The article, as a whole, is not worthy of attention, if it was not making meaningless any activity that helps people to learn, to seek solutions to the problems themselves, to uphold their human rights, which are seriously violated by the state; the risk of any human rights project being identified as “meaningless”.

It is the time to oppose any manipulation aimed at maintaining control of the state and major service providers over the lives of people with disabilities; they aim to “take care” of us in day care centers or “enjoy” us with organized excursions, going to a coffee shop, a cinema or a theater… whenever one wishes. There is nothing wrong with these activities, but it is not good, if we assume that they are the only “meaningful” thing funded by projects, for which the media will write praise, and donors will enjoy popular love. We expect your thoughts, opinions and comments not just about the article, but also about the sense of a project aimed at developing and changing the status quo. Moreover, we are committed to publishing them.