The government is proposing changes to the Disability Integration Act , but not to these which are needed by the people. This is called an imitation of activity – you are doing something to brag that you have done the job. The thing is seemingly safe – facilities for enterprising Bulgarians who want to be entered in the register of specialized enterprises. No matter that these businesses are inherently harmful to people with disabilities and costly to the state: people with disabilities have almost no employment in them, and tax breaks and subsidies benefit their government and nationally represented organizations. However, this is not commented on in the reasons for the bill; this is not investigated and analyzed because it is explosive. A strange reaction (or lack of such) on the part of people living on the edge of poverty – without income and without work.

The situation with the intention of Minister Hasan Ademov regarding pensions and benefits for people with disabilities turned out to be quite different – a sensible and ill-considered undertaking. The news in the press (an article in 24 hours) has blown up the social networks and drowned the minister in a storm of muddy comments.

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