This month, on January 26, we mark the fifth anniversary since Bulgaria ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Convention is a basic human’s rights document that regulates the rights of persons with disabilities to an independent and dignified life, protection against discrimination, the right to education and accessible architecture, transport and information. In signing this Convention, each State undertakes to abide by it and to comply with it. This in turn means that after 2012 in Bulgaria all policies should comply with the requirements of the Convention. Is it really so?

This is exactly the reason why we are addressing you, friends, has your life, as a disabled person, changed in the last five years? Did you find a new job; have you been able to live where you want, as well as with whom you like; are you able to travel like everyone else; do you think you live an independent and dignified life? Tell us your stories, tell us what excites you, worry you, and make you feel humiliated or worthy. Has your life improved in the last 5 years or has not?

We will share your stories, of course after your consent; and we will introduce them to the social minister via our blog – Therefore, please mention explicitly your consent or disagreement to publish and share your stories. Also, share your wish to have your name appear under the story or to mention only your initials.

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