The deadline for making comments on the draft law of the people with disabilities at

The draft law is extremely weak – it does not imply any reform; creates the preconditions for institutional chaos; only leads to higher and unjustified budget expenditures (monthly allowances will already be a percentage of the poverty line, not of the guaranteed minimum income) and without no benefit and much less effect for people with disabilities.

It is not clear how will be provided the technical aids and medical devices. There is no sign of an upcoming change – this will became clear in the Rules of Procedure after its adoption – a defect that should been eliminated, but it is not.  Housing, not to mention healthcare – are areas without any meaningful change. I do not want to raise the topic of TELK (Labor Experts Medical Committee) as well – this ugliness, also the decisions of TELK remain the basis for determining public funds … The overall philosophy of the law remains unchanged.