Today, at 11:30 am, at the National Assembly building, the auction of our Butterfly Wheelchairs, with the help of the Committee on Interaction with Non-Governmental Organizations and Citizens’ Complaints, which were prepared for the action by the Center for May 5, International Independence Day, was held together with people with disabilities.

We were unable to fully realize our idea of ​​the auction on 5th of May due to bad weather. But recently, we were able to arrange the symbolic auction to take place in Parliament’s building by offering the wheelchairs to the Members. With the funds raised, we will help to make one capital school, the 36th Maxim Gorky High School, fully accessible so that disabled Bulgarians can study peacefully and like everyone else, not their mothers to carry them on their floors like Sherpas.

Today we sold five butterfly wheelchairs! We raised 14,500 leva for the lift for Sashko and Vanko, who, despite the difficulties, are currently studying at the 36th school and are doing excellent! Each parliamentary group bought one wheelchair for 1000 levs, Mrs. Dukova from GERB donated an additional amount of 500 levs of personal funds, and Mr. Mareshki announced that his parliamentary group donated additional 10,000 levs. 

But for us, money was not the most important part of the event. A qualitative change is needed in policies, in thinking, in making wise decisions, in wise control over the implementation of these decisions.

Today we feel particularly good about a job well done. From the words said about the event, about our action, we were left with the feeling that the MEPs had already begun to realize that if a butterfly fluttered its wings today and in Parliament, then by the end of the year we expect a truly enriching social policy hurricane to develop in Bulgaria. 

Finally, we would like to thank the Committee on Liaison with NGOs and Citizens’ Complaints for their assistance, as well as all the MPs present for their hospitality and generosity! Thanks also for that subtle feeling we left there – a sense of future teamwork! Thanks also to the children Alexander and Ivan, who do not give up despite the difficulties and their wonderful moms as well!