On the occasion of May 5th – European Day for the Independent Living of People with Disabilities, we presented the art installation “Butterfly Wings of Independent Living” in the South Park. 

Being disabled in our country is not easy at all – not that much because of the disability that is a burden in itself – but because of the ugliness of everyday life! No support, no accessibility, no modern and adequate aids! Just NOT! It is often forgotten that people with disabilities are first and foremost PEOPLE, who have the zest for life, they want to grow up happy, to study, to fall in love, to build a career, to start families, to have children, to have fun. 

From the ugly and clumsy wheelchairs, we create our butterflies, whose place is the sky, in the meadow, on the flowers, in the space. But … yeah, whenever it gets nice, one BUT comes! The inaccessible environment has so firmly bound us to earth that the vastness, the independent life, our future, our hopes, our dreams are hanging back to us, waiting for the next day, month, year… life? 

The keys to our chains are yours, and using them is a little more complicated than giving out minimum disability pensions, integration allowances, and so on. We insist on our rights, our lives, our dignity!