As most of you may know, November is the so-called MEN’S MONTH. Every year in November, all men stand behind a cause – the fight against prostate cancer. Or put another way – Movember or No shave Movember. This is the month when most men leave their razors and shaving creams and put on mustaches. And this is for the sole purpose of showing empathy for each other and inviting everyone to visit their doctors.

We stand behind this cause, both as men and as an organization, because whether we are disabled or not, whether we are 20 or 50, we all care. We invite all men to go for screening because there are people around you who deserve to live longer. 

Unfortunately, in its early stages, prostate cancer is asymptomatic. This makes it an accidental detection and therefore annual screening tests are intended to diagnose cancer that is in its infancy. With regular checkups and early diagnosis, prostate cancer is 100% treatable. 

All men, regardless of height, age, religion, with or without disability, marital status, skin and eye color, have prostate. That is why we must all show unity in this problem. Only in this way can we prove that differences are not a factor for separation and that we all are equal in the face of problems. Last but not least, it is very important that, regardless of differences, every man has someone who loves him as he is.

We would like to thank for the hospitality of J. J. Murphy Pub where everybody can drink beer in the company of friends with or without disabilities.