On September 26th, at the Anel Hotel, Sofia, 14 Todor Alexandrov Str, from 10 am to 3 pm, Center for Independent Living will hold the conference on topic – How Social Are the Social Policies for People with Disabilities in Bulgaria? From group etiquette to individual approach and support for the participation of every disabled person, the two main topics will be:

1. The state of disability policies and

2. Individual approach to disability assessment and support for social inclusion

 In recent months, we are witnesses of the protests of parents of children with disabilities and the inadequate response of those in power; the ongoing reforms in the labor Еxpert Мedical Committee and the pension system and the failure of the deinstitutionalisation process. Therefore, it is imperative to show again the successes of our European colleagues and say aloud what needs to be changed.

Anyone who is interested in a topic and who is experiencing the results of ‘good’ social policies can join us and attend the conference. You are welcome