Friends, are you satisfied with the urban accessibility in Sofia? Well, we are not, so we continue our efforts to demand Sofia Municipality to do this. And we keep trying to explain to every citizen or visitor to the capital that there are still some citizens who can’t visit many places in Sofia due to the inaccessible environment.

Our next initiative is a continuation of campaign “I wasn’t born to be here!” and it is an exhibition on wheels, showing posters with inaccessible environment in various public places in the capital city.

The opening will be held on March 2nd 2016 in the lobby of the State Theatre of Satire “Aleko Konstantinov”, where every fan of the art will be able to see absurd situations with people with disability, who dared to move around the city of Sofia.

All we know, how important is the surrounded environment for people with disability to be accessible. Unfortunately, even in our capital, day by day we are faced with curbs, stairs, inaccessible bus and tram’s stations and vehicles.

We encourage every citizen without disability to not remain impersonal to the apparent discrimination towards fellow citizens with disability and to find his way – through an angry letter, picture on social networks or others – to show his outrage to the management of Sofia Municipality. We will be glad to send or upload these proofs on our Facebook page.

Expect our exhibition on wheels in other iconic locations in Sofia!