INITIATORS OF THE CIVIL COALITION FOR ELECTION PROCESS OBSERVATION: Transparency International, Bulgarian Dimitar Panitza School of Politics, European Institute, European Information Center, Institute for Social Integration, Center for Liberal Strategies for independent living, offer to the political parties registered for participation in the parliamentary elections a PUBLIC CONTRACT for FREE, FAIR AND DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS IN BULGARIA. On April 4, 2013, at 11.00 at the Sheraton Hotel, a Public Contract will be concluded for holding free, fair and democratic elections in Bulgaria. The document was developed by 8 non-governmental organizations that will conduct independent civic monitoring of the upcoming elections.

The purpose of the treaty is to engage the political parties in conducting a transparent election campaign in accordance with the publicity and accountability standards. The aim is to prevent the abuse of citizens’ suffrage and to optimize the organization of the election process.

The document also provides for a commitment for non-governmental organizations to conduct civic surveillance based on the principles of independence, political impartiality and constructive dialogue with all participants in the election process, as well as to provide information to the public on the results of the monitoring.

The Center for Independent Living fully supports this initiative and will support the signing of the Public Contract on 04.04.2013.

The full text of the Civil Coalition Appeal and the Public Contract can be downloaded here and here.