Another year of “combating poverty and social exclusion” is over, though on European level this time. So what? The never ending isolation, caring, misery and DEPENDECE were the major features of the disabled people’ lives in Bulgaria. 

These are the truthful companians of all disabled people – children and adults, active and passive, rebels and conformists, sick and suffering helplesness – who are not able to enjoy the new Bulgarian highways, the new Sofia subway and all the rest of the achievements that the 2010 Bulgarian Government is proud of. They will continue to live in misery – with no access to the progress promised by this Government – unless fundamental changes are made in the laws, bylaws and those who are supposed to implement them.

Special thanks to Debbie Jolly – a remarkable English woman dedicated to the cause of Independent Living all over Europe, a friend and volunteer of CIL – Sofia.

Happy 2011!