Today Intelday Foundation and the Center for Independent Living organized and held their latest awareness campaign on the project “Do not defraud the rules! – Сampaign for public integrity. ” This time the action was much louder, more colorful and more joyful, because we organized it in front of the Palace of Children with students from first to fourth grade from the schools in the area.

It was very interesting and funny – we sang songs, played the game “Do not Break the Rules”, the Chocolate Dragon and the Candy Fairy gave chocolates and sweets to all good children. We told children why it was not allowed to stop on the blue parking spots with the disability sign on them and we agreed altogether that the rules should not be broken. At the end of the action the winners and all the participants were treated with sweets, cakes, candies and chocolates, there were prizes as well. It was very nice and we parted as friends who already know well the parking rules in the city.