Today the deputies bought five wheelchairs to help make one school totally accessible

Today, at 11:30 am, at the National Assembly building, the auction of our Butterfly Wheelchairs, with the help of the Committee on Interaction with Non-Governmental Organizations and Citizens’ Complaints, which were prepared for the action by the Center for May 5, International Independence Day, was held together with people with disabilities.

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снимка на плакат със статуята на Мислителя на Роден

Traveling exhibition “I am not born for here!”

Well, friends, our exhibition is starting its travel again. This time our idea of ​​“open doors” responded to one of the most well-known and famous places in Sofia, namely the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts – “NATFIZ”, where the photos exhibition is already positioned and can be seen by the end of June. The doors of Building B of NATFIZ, located at 20 Stefan Karadja Street, are open to everybody who would like to see our photos and get acquainted with the message of the exhibition.

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инвалидна количка с пеперудени криле

Our 5th Of May

On the occasion of May 5th – European Day for the Independent Living of People with Disabilities, we presented the art installation “Butterfly Wings of Independent Living” in the South Park. 

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прегръдка между човек в количка и пешеходец

The hug warms up no matter who gives it!

Regardless of the geography, February 14th brings a message of love, fun and joy from life. It was on this day that a wonderful tradition arose – giving out free hugs. Everyone deserves to receive a free hug, no matter who gives it – a man or a woman, known or unknown, Bulgarian or foreigner, a person with or without disabilities.

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екип на ЦНЖ разговаря с представители на община Луковит

Agreement between CIL and the Lukovit municipality

On July 29, 2016, an agreement was concluded between the Center for Independent Living and the Municipality of Lukovit, which initiated a cooperation between the local government and our organization. We hope that this cooperation will succeed in introducing new policies in local governance with regard to social policies and, later on, as a model for the whole country. The agreement is valid for 2 years, the time remaining from the project implemented by the Center for Independent Living in Lukovit under the name “LSD – Learning for Social Development” or in other words – Learning for Social Development.

You can get acquainted with the project here, where you will also find the agreement between the Municipality of Lukovit and the Center for Independent Living and much other information about its activities.

лого с черни мустаци и надпис мовембър

Movember 2016

As most of you may know, November is the so-called MEN’S MONTH. Every year in November, all men stand behind a cause – the fight against prostate cancer. Or put another way – Movember or No shave Movember. This is the month when most men leave their razors and shaving creams and put on mustaches. And this is for the sole purpose of showing empathy for each other and inviting everyone to visit their doctors.

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учебна зала и слущатели с и без увреждания

Study visit for deinstitutionalization after Sweden model

From 5th to 9th of September 2016, the European Network for Independent Living – ENIL organized a study visit about the deinstitutionalization in Stockholm, Sweden. The purpose of the visit was to present the steps taken by Sweden to close institutional care for people with disabilities – a process that ended 16 years ago on 01.01.2000. The key messages of the study visit were captured in a short film, which ENIL has been distributing since Friday (07.10.2016) 

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птичка в клетка

Invitation for a Conference on 20.09.2016

On September 26th, at the Anel Hotel, Sofia, 14 Todor Alexandrov Str, from 10 am to 3 pm, Center for Independent Living will hold the conference on topic – How Social Are the Social Policies for People with Disabilities in Bulgaria? From group etiquette to individual approach and support for the participation of every disabled person, the two main topics will be:

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картини, изложени на стативи

We All Are Equal in Front of The Canvas!

Dear friends and associates, on the occasion of May 5th – European Independent Living Day, the Center for Independent Living invites you to the exhibition organized by us. It is the result of four months of artistic communication between people with and without disabilities, of different generations, who painted with their fingers and oil paints. They shared their views, tastes and fantasies under the project “Art at the tip of the finger”, funded by the Sofia Culture Program of Sofia Municipality 2016.

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